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Industrial Metal Products
Industrial Metal Products

We are renowned as Karasu Metal in the industry to be one of the oldest metal companies in Denizli province.

Dustbin containers, benches and camping tents are amongst our products as we initially started our business with chairs and tables.

It is possible to see our product range even when walking in the city. For example, the table you eat your lunch on, the chair you sit on, the bins you throw your rubbish, benches you see in parks and gardens and automobile safety bars.

We are at your service with our experienced team and high-tech tools.

Metal – Foldable Table and Table Leg Production Metal – Bench Production Camping Tent Production
Metal Table and Table Legs Metal Benches Camping Tents
Metal – Swings Production Outdoor Fitness Equipment Production Metal – Dustbin Production
Metal Swings Outdoor Fitness Equipment Metal Dustbins
Home About Us Products Photo Gallery Contacts
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